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Max Glass Front Combo Vending Machine

SKU: 0006

Max Glass Front Combo Vending Machine/ BLACK VINYL OR WHITE:  $2500.00 USED $3200.00 BRAND NEW

  • Holds 6 different selections of 40 gram bags of chips
  • Holds 42 bags of chips at a time. ( This section of machine can be used to vend other items as well
  • Holds 6 selections for candy/chocolate bars. Approximately 60 bars at a time.
  • Electronically programmable. Prices can be set from $0.5 cents to $99.95
  • Very attractive led lighting lights up entire man
  • Guarantee delivery feature which prevents product from getting hung up and customers loosing money.
  • Machine comes with Conlux coin mechanism ready to accept all Canadian coins. This machine can be set up to accept all Canadian and U.S. bills as well. There will also be a $300.00 cost for the Coinco Vantage bill validator. A card reader to accept credit cards can also be added to this machine for an additional $350.00.
  • Great for locations looking to save space.
  • Dimensions 32 inches wide, 32.5 inches deep and 72 inches tall. Weight: 628 lbs
  • Machine comes with user manual or can be downloaded in the user manual section of this website. (Max Glass Front Vendor user manual link)


Shipping is approximately $375.00 + HST throughout Canada. Sometimes less and sometimes more. Call for exact rates or check exact rate with link below. All machines are shipped on a standard 40x48 skid