Frequently Asked Questions

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Customer Service:




Can Vending Solutions is Ontario’s # 1 Vending Service.  Reliable, knowledgeable and customer focused.


What we do


We provide vending machine and office coffee services throughout Ontario. We service vending machines for businesses, schools, hotels, condos, apartment buildings, colleges, arenas and many others. 


  • Our vending service is free of charge and no cost to you.

  • We supply the machines, stock, clean and maintain the machines.

  • In the rare event your machines stops working we repair any breakdowns within 24 hours


How does the process work? 


  • You call or email us

  • We have a phone conversation regarding your needs

  • We set up a time with you to visit your location

  • We discuss and decide the right kind of equipment for your location

  • We set a date for delivery and installation of your vending equipment 


Why choose us?

  • We provide truly excellent service. We are a customer focus group determined to meet the needs of our customers

  • We stock healthy as well as traditional vending snacks

  • We use the very best vending equipment. Many of our vending machines come with a guarantee delivery feature to prevent customers from losing money

  • Our knowledge and service will surpass your expectations.